Custom parts for The Specialized UCI teams


Design, Engineering, Prototypes
(with Bas Hesselink)


2014 - present


"Innovate or Die"

This has been Specialized's motto for over 30 years. From the original Stumpjumper that kick-started the mountain bike revolution to its ultra-light carbon road and mountain bikes of today, Specialized continues to push the technology envelope to its max. And, their innovations for cycling extend well beyond just bikes, working with doctors to create their Body Geometry fit system and components, Specialized has developed world class saddles, helmets, shoes and much more that work with your body to enhance your cycling experience to the fullest.

My role for Specialized

Since the UCI pro-teams are always ahead with their material they need all kinds off special parts, from special brackets to measuring-devices and racks on the follow-cars. The design, the engineering and the production is realized in a very short time.