Aristides Instruments


O6O, O7O, O8O, O8s


(with the Aristides team)
(with the Aristides team)


2008 - present

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The history of Aristides Instruments begins in 1995 when Aristides Poort teamed with the Technical University Delft to develop a material with perfect acoustic properties. By evaluating the woods traditionally used in making musical instruments, analysis led to a technical study of cell structures and the differences between them. If he could answer the question “What happens to a sound wave in a material at a cell level?” it would then be possible to design the ideal cell structure. 15 years of research ultimately led to the development of a tone material called Arium.

By 2007, Aristides Instruments started developing guitars with the new material. Focused on achieving incredible playability, innovative design and utilizing the acoustic properties of Arium. Since their development, the guitars have received international recognition for their revolutionary achievements in both the musical and design worlds.

My work for Aristides Instruments

The out of Arium casted O6O, O7O and O8O guitars are designed and engineered together with the Aristides-team. In the CAD model all parameters like number of strings, neck-profile and the compound- radius are easy to adjust so new models can be engineered quickly. The double curved top and the transition between neck and body are accurately constructed with surface modeling. By constructing the complete model with all the parts in 3d interference can be checked and mistakes avoided.  Because the model is complete and accurate it can also be used to render images for marketing.