Yulvo-slide and Tweeb-slide


Design & Engineering
(with KBT, HSV-TMP and BPO)


2014- present


KBT aims to be the number one reference supplier of playground equipment components to the industry. The role of KBT is to create and to produce safe and innovative playground equipment components with an excellent value for money ratio. The challenge for KBT is to combine safety, attractiveness and play value into the products and to be the trendsetter in the market. Safety, quality, original design and affordability are the main points of attention when developing and producing new KBT products.

Creativity, innovation and conviction based on enthusiasm and years of experience give KBT the power to offer a very large and high quality range of playground equipment accessories in different models, colors and sizes to the European playground equipment manufacturers. KBT can offer these products at very competitive prices.

My work for KBT

The goal is to design a slide that is light and strong and has a very low stacking-height. Despite the big draft angles needed for the stacking the slide has to look smooth and has to be appealing.

The complete slide is created with surface modeling. The 3d file has a clear continuous sparting-line and can directly serve as the base for the mouldmaker.  The pallet for transportation is designed in the same process.